Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Track "Countryside"

New Track "Countryside"

Check out this new track called "Countryside". It features vocalist Helle Chirholm who took a wild turn and ended up in a mythological landscape, full of odd shaped skies and voices from above and everywhere else.I dont know where she went and what she really did, but I sure would have liked to have been there with her. Experiencing that rollercoaster ride of a nice little walk in the countryside.

This track is still downtempo/chill, but with some trance/ electro elements in it also. Hope you will enjoy it. Listen here: www.myspace.com/gangalounge

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New Video for "Down but up" by mysterious mr. x

New video for "Down But Up" - by mysterious mr.x

Yesterday I stumbled over this great little video that someone - apparently named mickey todiwala - put together for one of the songs from my latest album. I think the footage used is from the man who wasnt there. Really nice put together and matches the lyrics in the song. Okay, I must admit it kind of gives the words another meaning, but its great anyway. Check it out for yourself, you kan see it here:


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