Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New song from downbeat artist Ganga: Uran

Hi Everyone.
Check out this new track that I am really exited about. Its called Uran and it autoplays here:


Again its Helle Chirholm that delivers the vocal for this mysterious track. I´ll buy a bottle of champagne for those who guess the lyrics and gets them right the whole song through - lol. Helle Chirholm is a master of improvising lyrics and this is no exeption. Get ready - here it comes. Its the real stuff from the uncounscioussness, not filtered by the intellect in any way. Listen to these lyrics and connect.......it´ll mean something to you, because you want to place it in some framework connected to the logic of your mind. This is one way of making it work. The other way is to just let it in while staring into the ceiling, just feeling your body becoming dense and light. Then you´ll know what she means.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Different music for different things

Different music for different things
I saw this japanese animated film the other day. Childrens stuff. Very cool with lots of adventure, mystery and a good story. Anyway, the music for the credits caught my attention. A female japanese singer, not especially unique for a first listen, sang this japanese song. But somehow the melody caught my attention even though the arrangement and the singing was not so good, and it was like she didnt like the song she sang. Normally I would be interested if the voice was interesting somehow, or moving my spirits one way ar another. This was not at all the case. It was simply the melody in itself that had a quality, beyond any performance of it.

Its strange I think, because I always seems to think that music without heart behind it is - well - not so good. In this case it worked anyway. Hmm.. makes you wonder.

I found my old sitar in the basement today.Totally crapped and full of spiders and stuff.It will never be the same, but could be fun anyway. Came to think of some nonwesterners performances of classical music. In the Middleeast and India f.ex. There it sometimes looks like they think about something totally different than the music they are performing. Like they are not here when they play. Also makes you think why you dont get that feeling when you dont look at the performers but only listen to their playing. Pragmatism? Egos, and western music.

Ciao for now


All I Want

All I Want
Today I got a license request for the track "All I Want" from my latest album. This is great, as its my favourite track from the album, featuring the wonderfull vocalist Helle Chirholm. I worked with her for many years, and she sings on quite a few of the Ganga tracks - Hifi Love - is one of them.

I started to work with another singer called Claire Ross-Brown, and its gonna be exiting to see what is to come out of it. I am very optimistic.

I almost finished my two filmjobs.... I think. You never know what they might come up with for changes in the last minute. I am looking forward to having more time on my hand to work on new Ganga tracks.
I have also been working with Steen Kyed on our common project Petrol. We had a nice session the other day at his studio.

I am moving from my studio by march the 1. Not nice. Hopefully I will find somewhere with an atmosphere. I cant stand those newly build soundprooof concrete with wool inside placs that pop up all over. Its a money machine I guess.Totally without athmosphere. I could sit at ome like in the old days? No way - to cosy to get anything done. Hmm... maybe I need that.

Bye for now


Welcome to my new blog

Hello everyone and welcome what is hopefully soon to become my new blog. Quite new at this, but I decided to give it a go and keep my blog updated. I will start this out as a kind of journal of my work.
I am using a lot of time in the studio these days to collect and write new material for a new collection of tracks/songs. What people normally call an album. I am not sure, but I think that maybe this next album release with Ganga will be somewhat different from the previous two.


It may actually just be a collection of five or six tracks. I havent worked that out yet. I have so much material to go through and I am just finishing of the scores for some films I have been working on. I am looking forwrd to come to the other side of them so I can concentrate on my other projects. More about them later.
Ciao for now.