Sunday, March 9, 2008

All I Want

All I Want
Today I got a license request for the track "All I Want" from my latest album. This is great, as its my favourite track from the album, featuring the wonderfull vocalist Helle Chirholm. I worked with her for many years, and she sings on quite a few of the Ganga tracks - Hifi Love - is one of them.

I started to work with another singer called Claire Ross-Brown, and its gonna be exiting to see what is to come out of it. I am very optimistic.

I almost finished my two filmjobs.... I think. You never know what they might come up with for changes in the last minute. I am looking forward to having more time on my hand to work on new Ganga tracks.
I have also been working with Steen Kyed on our common project Petrol. We had a nice session the other day at his studio.

I am moving from my studio by march the 1. Not nice. Hopefully I will find somewhere with an atmosphere. I cant stand those newly build soundprooof concrete with wool inside placs that pop up all over. Its a money machine I guess.Totally without athmosphere. I could sit at ome like in the old days? No way - to cosy to get anything done. Hmm... maybe I need that.

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