Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New song from downbeat artist Ganga: Uran

Hi Everyone.
Check out this new track that I am really exited about. Its called Uran and it autoplays here:


Again its Helle Chirholm that delivers the vocal for this mysterious track. I´ll buy a bottle of champagne for those who guess the lyrics and gets them right the whole song through - lol. Helle Chirholm is a master of improvising lyrics and this is no exeption. Get ready - here it comes. Its the real stuff from the uncounscioussness, not filtered by the intellect in any way. Listen to these lyrics and connect.......it´ll mean something to you, because you want to place it in some framework connected to the logic of your mind. This is one way of making it work. The other way is to just let it in while staring into the ceiling, just feeling your body becoming dense and light. Then you´ll know what she means.


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